offlikenapalm: So, when I first got out on the floor at school, my very first hair cut was a touch up on a triangular grad. Not to bad right? Wrong. This client had cut her own hair and had chunks missing all the way back. She wanted to keep the length but fix the holes in her hair. At the end, it did look good, but if any Boy Scouts would have been near, they would have been hiking that mountain. Her triangular grad was ver drastic to say the least. Tip; do not cut your own hair. Please!

Even if you know what you’re doing, don’t cut your own hair. Haha. Some self chopped hair styles are unfixable. That totally stinks. DONT DO IT, CLIENTS!

emilyrainbow: I hate the weird names clients come up with for haircuts. . . I had a guy ask for "The Classic Haircut" and when I tried to explain that there are many haircuts that are cinsdered "classic" he told me that the picture was in one of the books we have at the salon. . . .We have literally a dozen or so books in the salon.

That’s when I get very specific with the hair cut.
“How short would you like the sides? Faded? How would you like the top to lay?” Don’t fuss with basic pictures because that’s such a pain! I feel you, girl!

scotch-enthusiast: I've done this one lady's hair+extensions. She wanted separate foils so I virgin-bleached the crown white and dyed the rest black. I was so scared of the foils mixing in the bowl..But it came out beautifully! I gave her a major discount and it took me a total of 5-6 hours. Long story short, she dyed over it with a box the next day & asked me to fix it. Lol!

Be careful with what you discount on. Don’t ever short yourself. Your money is your time. Clients can be very unreliable at times, such as your experience. She colored right over your hard work. Know your talent and worth! But that’s wonderful it came out awesome! Beauty power!

whatisf0rever: Okay, so I want to go to Aveda and get my cosmetology license, but I'm really only interested in the makeup artistry aspect. Should I become a cosmetologist, esthiologist, or both? And if both, which one first?

Whichever you prefer to do! Are you interested in doing hair also? Your cosmetologist license covers a lot of things. Nails, skin care, make up, hair. But if you’re more interested in being an esthetician, just go for that. That will give you a more thorough study on skin care and makeup whereas your beauty license usually only gives you a basic and brief understanding.

Goodness I’ve been gone for quite some time! Sorry about that, fellow stylists! A lot has been going on in the every day life. I quit my job at this terrible salon and have been working as a nail technician for the past year! I LOVE my job now. That is such an important aspect in having a career in the beauty industry. If you hate your job, change it!
I have much more things to post now, so stay tuned!

blindfaithh: So about the one that says "Client comes in with hair down to waist, wants hi-lights." SO LET ME TELL YOU. Girl comes in, hair down to her butt, black box color, wants hi-lights. And wants them fire engine red. We use Redken at my salon and don't carry Hi-Fusion colors so that bright red was almost impossible. Long story short I was with her for 6.5 hours and she didn't know why it was 'taking so long.' Really?!

Oh goodness! Been there! It’s a nightmare!

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When clients come in like this! Yuck! Having to correct other beautician’s work is outrageous!